My new (ad)venture

Change, transition, progress... whatever the word for something new and different, it's what I'm feeling right now as I write this...  My first time blogging, and about what else but my brand new law practice!  

I've named this practice Mirza Law Office and Consulting; "Mirza"-- my family name, in honor of my parents Ehtesham and Cynthia Mirza.  My father and mother have both spearheaded successful small businesses over the last few decades.  My father ran Mirza & Associates, a headhunting agency for about twenty-five years, with the incredible talent and support of my mother.  My mother has been running her own business Physicians' Management Solutions, Inc. for over fifteen years now.  And I'm not referring to financial "success": my parents have worked hard and with integrity, always were true to their clients, and have provided for their family and given back to their community.

That's the success I hope to achieve with this law practice, my latest (ad)venture: to provide solid legal representation to my clients, to empower and improve the campaigns of movement workers and groups, and to be someone my kids can look up to and be proud of.

I hope you'll consider contacting me if you have a civil rights case, or need assistance with your group's campaign or organizational infrastructure.  I love coffee, so am happy to share a cup with you if you just want a sound board or want to bounce some ideas around.

This is such an important moment for so many of us, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with you, and to make change, in this new capacity.


ps~ I'd like to give huge shoutouts to a couple of folks who have helped me get this practice a-rollin'! First, Maria Hall for all of your sound advice on setting up new practices (check out the LA Incubator Consortium that Maria runs!), Brooke Weitzman for not missing a beat and getting me busy, Belinda Escobosa Helzer for your invaluable advice on the landscape, Amal Qazi for your time and generous offers of support, and of course my husband Faisal for always encouraging me forward.  --AMQ