Legal Services

Civil Rights

Ameena Mirza Qazi, Esq. has handled dozens of cases involving workplace discrimination and harassment, policing and national security issues, education, and religious land use.  Cases she’s worked on include co-counseling a wrongful death action and §1983 claim against LAPD that resulted in a $2 million settlement and co-counseling a class action lawsuit with the ACLU of Southern California and Hadsell, Stormer and Renick, LLP against the FBI for unlawful surveillance of the Southern California Muslim community. Ameena has been retained or consulted on nearly two hundred cases of local Californians being contacted by the FBI or Joint Terrorism Task Force.  Ameena also successfully co-counseled a religious land use case involving the City of Lomita’s original denial of building permits for the Islamic Center of the South Bay, Ameena’s childhood mosque.

Areas of practice:

  • First Amendment/Free speech
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Wrongful hiring/firing
  • Police Misconduct/Use of Force
  • National Security and FBI related interviews
  • Border Delays and Entry Denials
  • Land Use
  • Special Education

Non-Profit Management

Mirza Law Office and Consulting can also provide services to help grow your non-profit to professionally engage with your constituents, membership, or stakeholders and to minimize your risk.

Areas of practice:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Strategic, Operational, or Fundraising plans
  • Staff organization and retention
  • Health and Wellness programs

Consulting Services

In addition to legal services, Mirza Law Office and Consulting can provide you with expert guidance and transactional work on your policy or organizing campaign.  With many connections to local policy-makers and movement groups, as well as a long history of work on social justice campaigns, we are the ideal partner to add steam to your campaign or non-profit.